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Welcome to Shelter Pawz!
We are a mission-driven small business selling shelter dog-inspired plush toys. All of our stuffed animals are mixed breed and based from real shelter dogs once looking for a home. 10% of proceeds are donated to support animal rescues. Shop today!

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Meet Our Dogs & Learn About Their Story!

Our Mission

We bring the lives of animals in need and children together through love. Our goal is to represent shelter animals on the stuff animal market. The hope is the more children learn, the more likely they will grow up to help animals in need.

What Makes Us Unique

Each Shelter Pawz stuffed animal is inspired from a real, mixed-breed dog that was once looking for a home at an animal shelter. 

Giving Back

Part of proceeds from each Shelter Pawz pup goes back to support animal rescue organizations.


While working as a Youth Program Specialist at a humane society, I noticed all the children's dog stuffed animals looked similar. They were one of few different dog breeds and there was no representation of shelter animals or mixed-breed dogs on the market. 


I wanted to change that...

Shelter Pawz stuffed animals are based on real, mixed breed dogs that were once looking for a home at an animal shelter. Our goal is to draw awareness to animals in need and highlight just how cute and special shelter animals are too! And what better way than with an adorbale plush toy children can snuggle, love, and learn from?


10% of profits are donated to support animal rescues. Our goal is to create a kinder world for shelter animals  and represent mix-breed shelter pups. "Adopt" yours today!


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with any inquiries and we will respond promptly within 1-2 business days. 


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